STAHLS Hotronix Sprint Mag Hover Heat Press

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STAHLS Hotronix Sprint Mag Hover Heat Press

STAHLS' Hotronix® Auto Opening // Sprint® Mag Hover - 40cm x 50cm

Ideal for use with direct to garment printers!

The new Hotronix® Hover Press™, a brand new patent pending heat press manufactures exclusively by Stahls' Hotronix®. The Hover Press™ includes digital time, temperature and pressure displays and allows the operator to set the press for two functions: hover or pressure. The Hotronix® Hover Press™ also features the new Twin Timer™ function which allows the user to program two independent time settings to count down any two-step process without resetting the timer.


  • Patented, magnetic assisted lockdown with automatic release
  • Fully digital time and temperature controls
  • Live digital pressure display
  • Twin Timer™ for two step applications with 999 sec dwell time
  • 2cm thick non-stick coated upper platen
  • Patented Over-the-center pressure adjustment
  • Optional lower platens available
  • Space saving clam shell design
  • Wide opening for easy layout
  • UL/ULC/CE/RoHS Compliant

A unique hover feature in an auto open press
Unique to this auto open press, the hover feature is designed for pre-curing DTG inks, eliminating residue from the upper platen during the final curing process. The Hover Press can also be operated in standard mode for all other heat printing applications.

The gold standard for multi-taskers
The patented magnetic auto-open feature means you can turn away from the press to prep the next garment without worrying! No more ruined garments.

Twin Timer
The Sprint® Mag Hover also features the new Twin Timer™ function which allows the user to program two independent time settings to count down any two-step process without resetting the timer.

Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment to Ensure Even Pressure
Sprint® Mag Hover heat press is engineered with a patented “Over-the-Center” Pressure Adjustment and a flotational heat platen to ensure even pressure and a “no-pinch” application regardless of the thickness of the substrate.

Interchangeable Lower Platens (Optional)
You can print just about anything, in any location, on any item with the right size heat press platen. Stahls’ Hotronix® offers additional platen sizes for bags, sleeves, pant legs, and totes.

Solid State Temperature Controller for Accurate Heat
Sprint® Mag heat platens feature cast in cal-rods positioned in a zig-zag pattern throughout the entire platen.
Before installation, the heating element is x-rayed to ensure functionality and maintain the highest levels of accuracy. In addition, Sprint® Mag presses are controlled by a solid-state controller that gives the user a digital display of both temperature and time.

Wide Opening for Easy Garment Placement
The Sprint® Mag clam presses have a wide 65 degree opening, which is 10% wider than most other  clam-style presses on the market. This allows for safer, easier positioning of the garment on the lower platen, and safe positioning of transfers and  other graphics.

Heat Press Counter Caddie™ (Optional)
The Counter Caddie™ allows you to thread your Sprint® Mag Digital heat press and maximize productivity with the time-saving advantage of Threadability™. Threadability™ gives you the power to quickly and easily position garments on the lower platen, significantly increasing production speed.

Heat Press Caddie Stand (Optional)
Make your heat press more flexible with the new Heat Press Caddie™, this adaptable stand adds industry-exclusive Threadability™ to your Sprint® Mag Hover heat press.

Heat Press Caddie™ Shelves (Optional)
Designed to attach to your Heat Press Caddie™ Stand, these sturdy, adjustable shelves are the solution for keeping your heat transfer products, blanks, and accessories organised and within reach.

 Interchangeables lower platen sizes (Optional):

  • 18cm diameter (Round)
  • 15cm x 25cm
  • 20cm x 25cm
  • 40cm x 40cm
  • 40cm x 40cm (Umbrella)
  • 40cm x 50cm (Umbrella)
  • Shoe Platen
  • Leg / Sleeve Platen

Technical Specifications:
110V or 220V / 1750W, 14.5Amp
Runs on 220V (110V transformer is available)

Shipping Dimensions & Weight:
89cm L x 63cm W x 19cm H, 48kg

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